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Oculus Pentacam AXL

The Pentacam AXL offers a new world of difference for measuring specialty contact lenses.

Pentacam AXL Wave 325x217Thanks to the newly developed measurement workflow and the automatic quality check, we are always on the safe side.

  • Faster daily clinical practice.
  • Increase satisfaction with fit.
  • Improve clinical outcomes.

The Pentacam® AXL Wave is probably the best and most time-saving solution available, providing new perspectives you’ve never seen before!

Wavefront Aberrometry: Total cornea lens complete eye Low and high order aberrations of the whole eye are measured using Hartman-Shack technology.

Objective Refraction: The most essential parameter for both pre-and post-op, is measured based on wavefront aberrometry.

Retroillumination: For pre-op assessment of crystalline lens opacities (non-dilated) and post-op control of the IOL position and inclination.

Optical Biometry: Contact-free axial length measurements with coherence interferometry in proven precision.

Scheimpflug-based Tomography: Rotating Scheimpflug technology generates all the data you need from just one snapshot (time-independent!). It also performs non-contact measurements for tear film-independent results.


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