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Move to Southcenter Eye Clinic (Innovative Eyecare is Closed) and Change to VSP Out-of-Network

Dr. Patricia Jitodai has moved (from Vision Plus which is still open) to Southcenter Eye Clinic inside LensCrafters (see contact information below). If you have any previously ordered glasses or contacts to be picked up, please go to the clinic in the back of the LensCrafters store. You can make an appointment for exams by calling (206) 431-8770 or using their online scheduler. (There are other doctors at the clinic, so if you would like to see her, you would need to let them know when calling to make an appointment.)

Southcenter Eye Clinic takes most major insurance plans. Please call them to confirm that your insurance is accepted. She is no longer a VSP In-Network provider. However, if you are eligible for VSP out-of-network, the clinic is able to bill VSP out-of-network and your exam copay may be the same as what you would pay for an in-network exam copay.

Southcenter Eye Clinic (Inside LensCrafters)
416 Southcenter Mall
Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 431-8770

dr Jitodai

Meet Our Eye Doctor, Dr. Patricia Jitodai

Meet our eye doctor in Tukwila, Washington . We offer a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages – all with personalized attention and a smile. In our eye care clinic, every patient is treated warmly and effectively. Individualized attention is the foundation of our care, to ensure that your eyes remain healthy. We’re dedicated to optimizing your vision!

Meet Our Optometrist
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6 months ago
Both of our kids have been getting Ortho-K treatment at Innovative Eyecare for several years. Our oldest child has been with Dr. Jitodai for 7 years. He started when he was at third grade with a fairly strong prescription for his age. The Ortho-K treatment has effectively slowed down his myopia and his prescription hasn't changed. He is a high school basketball player. The freedom to play sports without wearing eyeglasses or contacts have been a huge plus My younger child has been with Dr. Jotodai for 5 years. Because we had her started on Ortho-K when she first reported signs of myopia, she has been able to maintain 20/20 vision. We're very grateful for the results. Our family has a long history of myopia. I have had very strong prescription since I was a kid, and my parents also had very strong prescriptions. I wish we had access to Ortho-K and amazing doctor such as Dr. Jitodai when we were young. If you're considering Ortho-K for yourself or your child, I definitely recommend you to make the investment in the long-term health of your vision.
- C&E M.

General Eye Care Services


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Daytona is a scanning retinal imaging instrument that is able to take ultra-wide images of a patient’s retina.


Annual eye exams determine your prescription for eyewear, detect signs of eye disease, and evaluate your overall health.

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