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Claridel M. – Yelp review

I first came to this place for sclera lenses for my peanut shaped eye (Keratoconas).  Came out with contacts that make me see clearer than I have since I started using glasses in elementary school.  This year I needed new glasses and OH MY GOSH!  I have never seen so clear with glasses... It's almost as good as wearing sclera contact lenses.  AMAZING!  They also took the time to explain how my eyes work.  Everyone's eyes are different so the glasses I got is very custom made to me, my face, and my eyes.  I see everything... It's like an HD widescreen TV everywhere I look.    You don't know what seeing is till you've given this place a chance. 1 more thing... They treat you like family.  As long as I live in the Seattle area, I'm never going to another eye place ever.  This is THE place!

- Claridel M. - Yelp review