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Both of our kids have been getting Ortho-K treatment at Innovative Eyecare for several years. Our oldest child has been with Dr. Jitodai for 7 years. He started when he was at third grade with a fairly strong prescription for his age. The Ortho-K treatment has effectively slowed down his myopia and his prescription hasn't changed. He is a high school basketball player. The freedom to play sports without wearing eyeglasses or contacts have been a huge plus My younger child has been with Dr. Jotodai for 5 years. Because we had her started on Ortho-K when she first reported signs of myopia, she has been able to maintain 20/20 vision. We're very grateful for the results. Our family has a long history of myopia. I have had very strong prescription since I was a kid, and my parents also had very strong prescriptions. I wish we had access to Ortho-K and amazing doctor such as Dr. Jitodai when we were young. If you're considering Ortho-K for yourself or your child, I definitely recommend you to make the investment in the long-term health of your vision.
1 month ago
- C&E M.
This place is amazing! Dr. J and Carlos have been great at educating me and my daughter on the benefits of Ortho-K treatment. I have a very, very high optical prescription and Dr. J and Carlos are helping me with Myopia correction. Since my prescription is so high, I was concerned that my daughter would also eventually have a high prescription so Dr. J and Carlos are also helping my daughter with Myopia management. I never thought it would be possible but I’m now able to go the whole day seeing clearly without contacts. My daughter says that she’s also able to see the classroom whiteboard more clearly when seating rotations place her towards the back of the room. I truly appreciate everything that Dr. J and Carlos have done for us and feel better knowing that this also helps us avoid more severe eye issues in the future. We’re so thankful that we found them and have highly recommended them to our friends and family!
2 months ago
- Dez E.
Absolutely the most professional and expert eye care service experience in all of my 53 years Handsdown!
7 months ago
- Christian E.
My coworker suggested I go here as they take our insurance. I had previously read some negative reviews about the change in ownership but decided to give it chance.
10 months ago
- Virginia G.
I love this place, the staff is extremely friendly, they go above and beyond to help you, I highly recommend them for everyone! You will not be disappointed. The Dr stays with you to make sure that all of your questions are fully answered, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable,
11 months ago
- Kimberly S.
This whole team is professional and so helpful! They have gone above and beyond for our family.
12 months ago
- Jenn H.
I was looking for a new eye doctor & found Innovative Eyecare. I have one bad eye so I’m picky with my doctors as one should be. Over the last few months I have had my initial appointment which was excellent. The Doctor & staff are super. The glasses they have displayed are gorgeous too. Lastly I just want to say how awesome the doctor is.. I went to remove me contacts last night, one came out fine, the other I could not find. I tried for hours & still could not find it. I knew they had Saturday hours once in a while & I texted in the morning & explained my embarrassing situation & asked if they could squeeze me in or let me know if I should find & urgent care. The doctor called me back in moments & let me know she was off today but told me exactly where to do (another eye doctor that was open). How many doctors you know would call you on their days off? Just awesome caring staff. I’d give 10 stars if possible
1 year ago
- Lisa J.