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I have no words to describe the incredible work and treatment you receive in this place, I had an emergency with my husband and in this place I found not only support but also solutions!!! I recommend this eye clinic and the staff to all of you out there looking for the right doctor and the right service!!! Ps; Restrepo family
- Big E.
After having to go somewhere else, while Innovative Eye Care (my usual spot) was closed, it gave me an even deeper appreciation of Dr. Jitodai. Not only does she explain everything along the way, she is gentle! She makes you feel very comfortable and cared for. Missing my eye doctor and so happy to have found such a great place 🙂
- Ashley B.
Great service in my first experience here! Recommend to all of my family and anyone reading here.
- Raul R.
Very helpful and most knowledgeable Doctors!Thank you for your hospitality Dr. Jidotai and Carlos.
- Amanuel W.
It was my first time coming to Innovative Eyecare today, and let me just say, they have the BEST customer service ever. I love how Dr. Jitodai was so friendly and tried to make the experience as comfortable as possible. She was very personable and patient with me when getting my eye exam. There were times where I had to ask her to flip the lenses(1, 2, or 3) again to help me decide which lens was bolder and sharper. She also explained to me the benefits of lasik vs ortho-k. I loved that I didn’t feel rushed with her when getting the eye exam. They really try to take care of each individual that walk through the door and followed the social distancing procedure by limiting the amount of patients allowed in office. Another person that made my experience here really awesome was Carlos. When I didn’t know which pair of glasses frames I would like, Carlos helped me along the way and gave tips on how they could enhance the glasses experience for me by choosing the right forms of cushion for the nose bridge. He was so patient as well, especially when I requested to try on multiple pairs of glasses. Never once did I feel rushed to choose a pair and go. Carlos was super knowledgeable and elaborating on where the frames were made, how they were made, and what the were made with. He would go into detail for the different brands so that I would have all the information I need to choose which pair is right for me. Not only that, but he also went in depth on the benefits of ortho-k. Carlos would pull out graphs and other charts to help me better understand how ortho-k provides preventative measures for my eye sight. Overall, Dr. Jitodai and Carlos provided the best customer service ever! Both were patient, knowledgeable, and elaborative. I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for an optometrist. Edit: they didn’t come off as pushy or salesy when they recommended ortho-k.
- Esther L.
Love this place, they helping me out with my vision so happy I went there, so helpful and knowledgeable. I do recommend so much they do take care of you &fix, tell you the problem ! 😉
- Hurrem G.
Never seen better! Dr. Jitodai asked me great questions and was able to answer all of my mine. She was very mindful and patient with me throughout the exam. Carlos explained my prescription and how it effected my vision. He educated me on my eyewear options and dialed in my eyeglasses giving me a perfect fit and line of vision. Dr. Jitodai and Carlos put me in the perfect glasses. First pair of glasses I’ve ever had that greatly improved my vision. Things are sharp and clear, nighttime driving is no longer a problem.
- Katie G.