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What Are Overnight Ortho K Contact Lenses

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What Are Overnight Ortho-K Contact Lenses?

Ortho-k lenses are customized contact lenses that gently reshape the cornea, the front part of the eye, overnight, allowing children and adults to enjoy clear vision the following day—without needing to wear glasses or contact lenses. They’re ideal for people with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.

Studies have shown that ortho-k lenses can help stop the progression of myopia in children and teenagers, which in turn can help prevent eye diseases in adulthood.

Moreover, ortho-k is a great option for athletes of any age who don’t want to deal with contact lenses or glasses while playing sports. The lenses may also allow many adults with presbyopia — a normal part of the ageing process — to forgo reading glasses. The lenses enable professionals like pilots and people in law enforcement to meet their jobs’ unaided vision requirements.

What Is Orthokeratology/Ortho-K?

Orthokeratology (also called ortho-k), is specially fitted and designed gas permeable contact lenses that temporarily and gently reshape the cornea to correct refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. By wearing ortho-k lenses every night, anyone can enjoy clear, sharp vision during the day, without relying on eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Research shows that ortho-k lenses not only effectively removes the need to wear glasses or daytime contact lenses; they can also slow and sometimes stop the progression of myopia. That’s important because children with moderate to severe myopia are at risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases later in life.

This explains why many optometrists prescribe ortho-k for myopia management.

The Other Names For Ortho-K

Over the years you may have heard different terms and names for orthokeratology. While there are different orthokeratology lens fitting systems and designs, the principles behind them in reshaping the cornea are similar. These names include:

  • Ortho-k
  • Accelerated Ortho-K (AOK)
  • Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)
  • Dream Lenses
  • Global Orthokeratology Vision (GOV)
  • Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS)
  • Molding Lenses
  • Natural Vision Improvement
  • Night Lenses
  • Overnight Lenses
  • Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR)
  • Vision Shaping Treatment (VST)

What Are the Benefits of Ortho-K?

  • Slows the progression of myopia – Having moderate to high myopia is a risk factor for developing serious eye conditions in adulthood.
  • Correct refractive errors – The lenses can correct myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.
  • Provide fast correction – Ortho-k provides fast results. Some people are able to get rid of their corrective lenses after a single night of treatment. However, if you or your child has a strong prescription, it may take a few days or two to three weeks for optimal results.
  • Clear vision all day long – The gentle corneal reshaping that corrects vision overnight lasts all day and at times even two days.
  • They’re comfortable – Created with precise mapping technology, ortho-k lenses are custom-fit to the eyes, thus ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Have an excellent safety record – Orthokeratology lenses provide safe vision correction when used properly and according to hygiene protocols. CRT by Paragon is also FDA-approved for how effective it is!
  • Reshape the cornea temporarily – The changes to the corneal shape aren’t permanent, so if patients eventually opt for laser refractive surgery, they can stop using the lenses and the cornea will naturally revert to its original shape. This allows for better laser results.

Are Overnight Ortho-K Lenses Safe?

Yes. Ortho-k is a safe, non-surgical, and reversible alternative to LASIK. It is ideal for any adult who is active during the day and doesn’t want to wear contact lenses or glasses.

Unlike standard contact lenses, which can damage your eyes if you wear them overnight, ortho-k lenses are specially designed to be worn while you sleep!

As with any contact lenses, make sure to always follow your eye doctor‘s instructions regarding how to properly handle and care for your overnight lenses.

For more information on ortho-k lenses, contact today. We’ll be happy to schedule an eye exam and answer any questions you may have.

Our practice serves patients from Tukwila, Renton, Kirkand, Redmond, Kent, and Seattle, Washington and surrounding communities.

Learn More About Orthokeratology For Adults
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Convenient Vision Correction With Orthokeratology

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Ortho-K Lenses | What Is the Cost of Great Vision?

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How Athletes Of All Ages Can Benefit From Orthokeratology

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What Is the Cost of Great Vision

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Ortho-K Lenses | What Is the Cost of Great Vision?

There are contact lenses, and then there are contact lenses. While standard soft lenses offer a good level of comfort and visual clarity, Orthokeratology (ortho-k) contact lenses provide complete visual clarity while eliminating the need for any daytime eyewear. Ortho-k is an excellent choice for just about anyone who wishes to spend their days free of contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses, such as athletes, students, performers and those who work outdoors. Ortho-k lenses are also used to manage myopia progression in children, one of the most popular uses of these customized contact lenses. If you’re ready to upgrade to ortho-k contact lenses, contact today.

The Ortho-K Difference

Orthokeratology reshapes your cornea for sharper and clearer vision. These specially-designed gas permeable lenses are custom-fit to the eye’s shape and refractive error. Ortho-K lenses are worn overnight to gently and safely reshape the cornea. Air can pass through the lenses and reach the eye, making for comfortable wear. In the morning, the ortho-k lenses are removed, thus providing clear and crisp vision all day long without any need for daytime contacts or prescription eyeglasses.

Why Does Ortho-K Cost More Than Standard Lenses?

The lenses are designed for your eyes only — and customized products always cost more. The extra time, personalized attention and high-quality material used to ensure a perfect fit all add to the cost. The cost also includes a comprehensive eye exam and precisely measuring the corneal curvature.

Furthermore, the value of ortho-k lenses is largely tied to the reason patients choose them — because ortho-k provides something that other products or procedures can’t. For example, someone who wants corrected vision without having to don daytime eyewear or undergo surgery will opt for ortho-k as all of those needs will be met in a safe and comfortable way.

Parents of myopic children often prefer ortho-k lenses over other myopia management options due to its proven effectiveness in slowing the progression of pediatric myopia, thus improving their child’s ocular health and vision.

The many patients (and parents of patients) who use ortho-k lenses can attest that this unique method of vision correction is well worth its price point. woman in red floral shirt lying on grass field

What About LASIK?

Though LASIK may be tempting, it’s more costly and not a permanent solution. There are a number of patients who undergo LASIK only to find themselves dealing with post-surgery complications. They may also end up requiring additional forms of vision correction 10-15 years down the road. Ortho-k, on the other hand, molds the cornea into a healthier shape, providing a clear and stable visual experience for people aged 6 to 65+. Furthermore, LASIK only lasts for 20-30 or so years, whereas ortho-k can be used for far more.

The Cost of Better Vision

The majority of contact lens wearers use soft lenses. These are usually replaced either on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The cost of standard soft lenses is roughly $300 per year. However, this doesn’t include the lens solution, which can run close to $150 to $200 per year.

Daily disposable contacts are even more costly, as they are worn once a day and then discarded, eliminating the need for storage or lens solution. Standard daily contacts can cost anywhere between $500-$600 per year, while higher quality dailies can run upwards of $600 to $800 annually.

Ortho-k lenses are a high-quality, 100% personalized set of contact lenses made to fit the exact measurements of your cornea. Therefore, one can expect that a product of such high caliber will appropriately be more costly.

While Ortho-K comes with some high initial costs, the yearly upkeep is quite affordable. Plus, the added benefits of visual quality and slowing myopia progression in children can last a lifetime.

Get Ready For An Ortho-K Upgrade

Whether you’ve been using standard contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses, it may be time for an upgrade. Talk to the optometric staff at Innovative Eyecare about how Ortho-K contact lenses can improve not only vision, but also quality of life for you or your child.

Our practice serves patients from Tukwila, Renton, Kirkand, Redmond, Kent, and Seattle, Washington and surrounding communities.
Learn More About Orthokeratology For Adults
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The Benefits Of Ortho-K Contact Lenses

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Convenient Vision Correction With Orthokeratology

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How Athletes Of All Ages Can Benefit From Orthokeratology

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Vision Correction with Ortho-k

Did you know that nearly 30% of the world’s population suffer with myopia, making it one of the most common vision problems globally—and these numbers are on the rise.

At , and the staff help patients with their vision correction needs. If you or a loved one have any vision difficulties, we can help.

Ortho-k is a treatment option used as part of a Myopia Management program, however the other benefit of night-time ortho-k lenses is that you experience clear vision, without any day-time glasses or contact lenses.

All You Need To Know About Vision Correction

Vision Correction is used to correct refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (when light enters the eye incorrectly), or presbyopia (farsightedness due to aging).

What Is A Refractive Error?

The ability to see images or objects with clear, sharp vision results from light entering the eye. Light rays bend or refract when they hit the retina, sending nerve signals to the optic nerve, which then sends these signals to the brain. The brain processes them into images, allowing you to understand what you see. When these light rays bend incorrectly, it results in a refractive error and typically causes blurry or cloudy vision.

Your eye doctor will often prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct the vision impairment. Glasses and contacts enhance your vision by shifting the way that images enter your eyes. They refract light properly, so that your brain processes images correctly, resulting in clear vision. However, corrective lenses do not cure vision problems; they simply enhance your existing vision.

What Is Considered “Vision Correction”?

Since the primary cause of vision problems is caused by light bending incorrectly as it enters the eye, virtually any method of treatment that changes this can be categorized as a form of vision correction.

Eyeglasses and contact lenses – the most common types of corrective measures – are almost always recommended as the first course of treatment for vision problems. While they are considered a very basic method of vision correction, they are unable to control the refractive error from progressing. Patients whose vision worsens over time need new glasses or contacts. In these cases, longer-term solutions are needed.

Deciding upon the right course of treatment for refractive errors can depend on several factors such as age, your lifestyle and daily activities, eye health and overall physical health. will conduct a thorough eye exam and discuss your and your family’s medical history to get a complete picture of your vision needs.

The Benefits Of Vision Correction Without Surgery

When eye surgery is performed and the corneal tissue – or the cornea itself – is repaired or reshaped, it is generally permanent. Surgical procedures are matters of a serious nature and are often the last resort, when all other vision correction options have been exhausted. That’s why most doctors recommend non-surgical treatment methods first, the most common being Ortho-k lenses.

teen smiling 6 640Some of the benefits of Ortho-k vision correction include:

  • Less invasive: surgery is an invasive procedure that involves corneal incisions, whereas non-surgical corrective treatments are less intense with lower risks
  • Not permanent: so it’s easier to try different treatment methods to find which ones work for your needs
  • Limited Guarantee: LASIK has limited guarantees for how many years you’ll enjoy 20/20 vision. Whether you have 1 year or 10 years is completely up to your eyes. Orthokeratology, however, provides guaranteed 20/20 vision or better as long as you wear the lenses.
  • Orthokeratology can correct both near and far vision: LASIK is only for nearsightedness.
  • More Candidates: Some patients may not be good candidates for eye surgery due to age, a thin cornea, or the presence of other viruses or eye conditions. For example, a patient with chronic dry eyes could be ineligible for LASIK, since this surgery can exacerbate symptoms of Dry Eye.

Ortho-k is Safe For Kids As Young As 6 And For Adults Over 60!

Ortho-k vision correction is safe for children as young as 6 and adults over the age of 60.

Some vision correction surgeries cannot be performed on patients under 21 years old. Kids’ eyes are still developing and their vision is unstable, so most doctors prefer to wait until their young patients’ eyes stabilize before considering surgical vision correction.

As we age, our vision changes. Typically beginning in middle-age, the lens of the eye begins to lose some elasticity causing presbyopia, a form of farsightedness. Presbyopia can be treated with corrective lenses, including multifocal lenses. Multifocal lenses have various degrees of lens power, which helps the patient experience clear vision in any direction – up, down and to the sides.

If you or a family member needs vision correction and you’re looking for a safe, risk-free treatment, contact to schedule a consultation.

Vision Correction Is Good For Athletes, Travelers & Business Leaders


Competitive sports is more than just a game. The ability to see clearly from both near and far distances is critical in sports. Athletes with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism can’t play well if they can’t see well. The right vision correction can provide the visual clarity that serious athletes need to play and win!

People Who Travel

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, air travel can lead to dry eyes. This is due to the air pressure and dry environment that’s inside of the airplane cabin. Some people find that administering artificial tears provides the relief they need. If you generally wear contact lenses, swap them for glasses during the flight to avoid painful dry eyes. This is especially important for long, international flights.

People Who Need That Edge In Business

In the digital age, we enjoy constant connectivity to our smartphones, computers and tablets. For business people with vision problems, who need to remain connected with a high level of visual clarity, getting the right vision correction treatment is not only beneficial for their visual health, but for their jobs.

So if you need to be at the top of your game in business, talk to about your vision needs. We’ll focus on improving your vision, so you can focus on your business.

If you suffer from vision problems, contact . Our caring staff will provide you with the best vision correction treatment that’s right for you.

Our practice serves patients from Tukwila, Renton, Kirkand, Redmond, Kent, and Seattle, Washington and surrounding communities.
Learn More About Orthokeratology For Adults
What Are Overnight Ortho K Contact Lenses Thumbnail.jpg

The Benefits Of Ortho-K Contact Lenses

What Is the Cost of Great Vision Thumbnail.jpg

Ortho-K Lenses | What Is the Cost of Great Vision?

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How Athletes Of All Ages Can Benefit From Orthokeratology

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Ortho-K, a Little Known Contact Lens Alternative for Athletes

A nearsighted athlete’s greatest nightmare is to break one’s glasses or have contact lenses fall out during play. Fortunately, there exists a non-surgical option that eliminates the need to wear glasses and contacts while providing clear vision. Orthokeratology, also called ortho-k, are overnight lenses that gently reshape the cornea overnight to offer sharp vision throughout the day.

If you’re interested in clear and crisp vision all day long, contact us at . We offer a comprehensive eye exam and custom fitting for ortho-k lenses.

Why Athletes With Myopia Should Look for Alternatives

There’s no question that myopia (nearsightedness) is a disadvantage for athletes. Glasses are a physical hindrance and certainly can limit an athlete’s performance. Glasses can move around on the face, get foggy when you sweat, and may obstruct your peripheral vision.

Contact lenses could be a better alternative to glasses, but they too have issues as they can move out of place or dry up, causing fluctuating or blurred vision. Having dry eyes or getting sand kicked onto your face are also major concerns if you wear contact lenses.

Ortho-k provides athletes with clear, comfortable and stable vision and excellent peripheral vision without having to wear any glasses or contacts throughout the day. Ortho-k might just be the perfect solution for a young athlete striving for success on the sports field.

What Is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, also known as corneal reshaping therapy (CRT), is a safe, non-surgical, non-evasive and reversible treatment for myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness (hyperopia).

An ortho-k lens is a rigid gas permeable lens (RGP), custom-designed to the shape of a person’s cornea — the front part of the eye. This lens is very comfortable and is worn only at night, during which time it gently reshapes the cornea into the correct shape. Once the lenses are removed in the morning, the athlete can enjoy clear vision all day long.

Another advantage of ortho-k is that the gentle reshaping is temporary, meaning there is no permanent change to the corneal shape. The cornea slowly returns to its original curvature by the late evening.

How Can Athletes Benefit From Ortho-K?

For the first time, a young or adult athlete can experience perfect vision without having to resort to surgery or depending on optical corrections, such as glasses or contact lenses. Benefits of ortho-k include:

  • Achieving clear, sharp and stable vision.
  • No longer having to worry that glasses or contact lenses will move around, get knocked off, get broken or lost.
  • Reduced concerns around fluctuating vision, sand in your face and other visual discomforts.
  • No longer having to carry around spare contacts, glasses, or solution.

Why Should Athletes Start Ortho-K During Childhood?

shallow focus photo of manOrtho-k is also an effective myopia management method for children, as it can slow down the myopic progression and prevent the continual increase in your child’s prescription.

Athletes can benefit from a lower level of myopia as adults if they use ortho-k lenses during childhood and early adolescence. This is particularly significant, since high myopia has been linked to vision-threatening conditions later in life, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and retinal detachment.

Advantages of Ortho-K Over Regular Contact Lenses

While contact lenses work well for certain sports, they also tend to dry out due to infrequent blinking over an extended period of time. In sports that require prolonged concentration or focus, such as baseball, tennis, archery, or even basketball, athletes are particularly prone to blinking less. This can cause the contacts to dry out, resulting in foggy or fluctuating vision.

As mentioned earlier, contact lenses can move off-center, especially during contact sports, such as football and hockey or martial arts, such as boxing and judo where the body gets jolted around. Even fast, sudden head movements or water splashing into the eye can cause the lens to move out of place.

In those with eye allergies, contact lenses can feel unbearable, as it exacerbates the already itchy, dry and gritty eyes.

Orthokeratology provides an ideal solution for all these issues.sad girl

Advantages of Ortho-K Over LASIK Surgery

Many active adult athletes choose a surgical solution, such as LASIK, to permanently rid themselves of their specific vision problems, such as astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia.

Surgical intervention is never without risk. Certain complications may arise following LASIK surgery, including sensitivity to light, glares, astigmatism and chronic dry eye — any of which could significantly impact an athlete’s performance. Further complications, such as poor corneal healing and corneal thinning, can cause long term or even permanent changes to vision and could even mark the end of an athlete’s career.

LASIK surgery is not an option until roughly the age of 21 since prior to that the eyes are still developing. The earlier years, however, are those in which young athletes learn sports and develop most of their athletic skills. It’s a time when clear, sharp and comfortable vision is an absolute must!

Ortho-k offers an excellent solution for any athlete seeking clear, comfortable and sharp vision all day long.

How Can You Obtain Ortho-K Lenses?

An optometrist who focuses on myopia management, such as , can provide ortho-k lenses. At , we examine the athlete’s eyes and create an exact topographic map of the cornea’s surface with the help of specialized equipment. The ortho-k contact lenses are then custom-designed to meet the individual’s requirements.

We will also provide guidance on caring for and cleaning the lenses.

Don’t let vision issues get in the way of achieving your best on the sports field. If glasses or contacts are getting in the way of your or your child’s athletic performance, contact at to schedule an eye exam today.

Our practice serves patients from Tukwila, Renton, Kirkand, Redmond, Kent, and Seattle, Washington and surrounding communities.


Learn More About Orthokeratology For Adults
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The Benefits Of Ortho-K Contact Lenses

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Convenient Vision Correction With Orthokeratology

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Ortho-K Lenses | What Is the Cost of Great Vision?

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