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PentaCam XL And BostonSight Scleral Lenses

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PentaCam XL, BostonSight Sclerals, and The Importance Of The Right Technology

At , we understand that even the best doctors need the proper tools and technology to do the best job possible. This is true of many areas of eye care, including measurements for glasses and contacts, determining if myopia control will work for a certain patient, and monitoring the progression of eye diseases.

This is why we take great pride in offering our patients the best eye care technology around.

Two of the premier technologies that set our practice a cut above the rest are PentaCam XL and BostonSight Scleral Lenses.

PentaCam XL And BostonSight Scleral Lenses

pentacam axl waveOur eye care practice is the only clinic in that offers PentaCam XL. This advanced imagining and diagnostic technology allows us to scan the eye and monitor progression of corneal conditions such as keratoconus, so that we know when and how it should be treated.

The detailed scans we get from the Pentacam XL also provide us with thousands of data points that can be manipulated to create the most comfortable ortho-k and scleral lenses possible. Among the most advanced and customizable of these lenses is the BostonSight scleral lens.

Though all scleral lenses are custom-made to address the patient’s particular needs, BostonSight Scleral Lenses, when combined with the data provided by the Pentacam XL provide the most comfortable, clear vision on the market today.

Unlike many practices, which use generic lenses to start fittings for scleral lenses, and then make small adjustments based on limited data, we use Pentacam XL to take a detailed scan of the corneal surface, and use that information to create a custom-printed BostonSight lens from scratch. This allows us to correct more accurately for eye conditions such as astigmatism or after-effects of LASIK surgery that can create uneven areas on the cornea that scatter light as it enters the eye, causing glare and starburst patterns at the periphery of your vision.

The end result is a lens that delivers superior comfort and clarity of vision, above and beyond what other practices are able to deliver, because of the level of technology we have in our office.

For more information about the diagnostic and contact lens technology we have in our eye clinic, come visit us or give us a call at today.

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