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Rose K2 Lenses

Fitting an abnormally curved eye with contact lenses is no easy task. That’s where the Rose K line of contact lenses comes into play.

These rigid gas permeable lenses have quickly become the most prescribed lenses for keratoconus patients around the world. Their complex geometric shape provides individuals with corneal abnormalities all-day comfort and crystal-clear vision.

Unique Design For a Unique Fit

Unlike standard gas-permeable lenses, Rose K2 lenses were developed to closely mimic the contours of the keratoconic eye, resulting in a more stable and comfortable user experience.

The backside of the lens contains precise curves for optimal fit and alignment. The depth and degree of the curves on the back and front of the Rose K2 lenses are designed to minimize visual aberrations, so people who wear them have an easier time seeing at night and more precise focus in general.

Rose K2 lenses are easy to insert, remove and care for. Their gas-permeability allows a healthy flow of oxygen through the lens to the cornea.

Additionally, 80% of patients find the first Rose K2 lens fitting to be so successful that no additional fittings are required.

Who Wears Rose K2 Lenses?

Most people who wear Rose K2 lenses have keratoconus, a corneal condition that causes the eye’s surface to bulge out in a cone-like shape. This progressive bulging eventually makes it impossible for standard lenses to fit securely on the eye. Rose K2 lenses are suitable for patients with varying degrees of keratoconus or other corneal irregularities.

Rose K2 lenses are also great for patients who’ve undergone a corneal graft or penetrating keratoplasty. The lenses promote healing in the recovery phase while providing sharp and comfortable vision.

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