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Are you Aware of the Costs of Vision Correction? Consider Orthokeratology! Renton, WA

girl glasses 1280x853The costs of eyewear and general eye care services can vary year to year depending on the changes in prescription, medical eye care needs, and even choice of fashion. While some adventurous individuals invest in designer brands of eyewear, others dip their wallet into the various contact lens options spending nearly a thousand dollars yearly.

Although increased costs generally provide unique benefits or a more fashionable appearance, vision correction such as through ortho-k lenses can be just as affordable and easy to maintain. When browsing through the various prices and shopping for bargains, most practices that provide orthokeratology require an orthokeratology consultation to assess the health of your cornea, a variety of specific measurements, and ultimately prescribe the unique contact lens solution for your pair of eyes.

Each pair of ortho-k lenses are unique to your visual requirements, so the cost of the evaluations required make for a higher initial investment. Fortunately, the costs beyond the first fitting are far more affordable and can be with a practice like , we’re able to support your budget and make vision correction a reality.

Achieving 20/20 or perfect vision has never been more available to both children and adults that have a competitive price for purchasing daily contact lenses every year.

Why do costs for orthokeratology differ between practices? Not every eye doctor is as experienced or utilizes the same advanced technology as . Some provide ortho-k lenses using cheaper lenses that are less customizable or durable, requiring replacements sooner.

Want to take the first step in vision correction without surgery for you or your child? Contact our practice, today.